Narrative Work

The Hollow

Release Date: July 2015
The Hollow is a short, interactive fairy tale in which you play as the Huntsman searching for his daughter. The game was created for the WAG Challenge and created over the course of 30 days. My main duties included scripting and writing. The art was by David Fortin and the music was created by Zephyr Nova.

The Hollow is free to play & download for Windows and Mac at Itch.

Reviews of The Hollow:


Dungeon Hunter 5

Release Date: March 2015
The Dungeon Hunter series is one of Gameloft’s flagship franchises. I was the Narrative Designer for the fifth installment in the series, responsible for the entirety of the game’s story, dialogue and text.

This Dungeon Hunter is set several years after the events in Dungeon Hunter 4, making it a direct sequel. Instead of playing the hero trying to take down a great evil, you play as a bounty hunter trying to survive and restore order in a land still suffering from the ravages of war.


Gangstar Vegas: Gangstar vs Aliens Update

Release date: February 2015

The Gangstar vs. Aliens Update was my first solo project as Narrative Designer. The update brings aliens to the already-established world of Gangstar 4 in the form of 7 new fully-voiced narrative missions, along with a slew of new items, weapons and vehicles.


Dungeon Hunter 4 Updates


During my time working on Dungeon Hunter 5, I was also creating narrative content for updates in Dungeon Hunter 4. This took the form of writing new lore and new narratives to accompany the new environments and monsters with each release.


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